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CC Global Summit 2023: Reflections

CC Global Network, Events
A colorful illustration of a wall of windows, each showing a different figure, including an axolotl and humans engaged in various activities, one wearing a blue luchador mask, and others holding a slender blue line hung with a light blue CC Global Summit banner, all surrounded by butterflies, birds, vines, and flowering plants. Somos El Bien Común” by Eréndira Derbez, here cropped, is licensed via CC BY 4.0.

CC has long been at the forefront of enabling innovation and promoting access to knowledge and creativity. The Creative Commons 2023 Summit brought together creators, academics, technologists, and policymakers from around the world to discuss the future of open culture and how CC can continue to drive positive change. This blog post reflects on the key challenges of the summit and shares the insightful learnings that emerged from these discussions.

Annuncia la traduzione 4.0 della licenza in Italiano!

Licenses & Tools
The community of the Nexa Center at Politecnico di Torino, the Italian CC network affiliate institution.

The CC 4.0 licenses are now translated into Italian The official Italian translation of the Creative Commons 4.0 Licenses and CC0 waiver is now available! Led by CC Italy, the translations also benefited from the collaboration with CC Switzerland. The working group was hosted and coordinated by the Nexa Center for Internet & Society at…

Norwegian translation of 4.0 published


Congratulations to CC Norway on the Norwegian translation of 4.0! This is the second published official translation of the license suite. The translation effort was led by longtime CC affiliate and noted internet scholar Gisle Hannemyr, of the University of Oslo. We are particularly grateful to this early team for working with us as we…

Finnish translation of 4.0 published


We are thrilled to announce our first official translation of 4.0, into Finnish. Congratulations to the CC Finland team, who have done an outstanding job. The translation team consisted of Maria Rehbinder of Aalto University, legal counsel and license translation coordinator of CC Finland; Martin von Willebrand, Attorney-at-Law and Partner, HH Partners, Attorneys-at-law Ltd: for…

CC0 official translation into French published


CC0 now has an official translation into French. This is the second translation of CC0, and also only the second official translation of any CC legal tool (following CC0 in Dutch, published earlier this year). There are many people who deserve congratulations on this accomplishment. This is often the case for translation projects, but it…