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Tag: porting

Swiss 3.0 Creative Commons licenses now available


Switzerland Team @ Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta / kevinpoch / CC BY We are proud to announce the launch of the Creative Commons 3.0 Switzerland ported license suite. Huge thanks to Mélanie Bosshart, Phillip Perreaux, Simon Schlauri, Hartwig Thomas and the rest of the CC Switzerland team for their hard work and dedication…

CC Portugal launches second localized suite of CC licenses


Portugal x Holland by pedroffmarques / CC BYCongratulations to CC Portugal for launching localized versions of the CC 3.0 licenses! These are Portugal’s second localized CC licenses. Although CC’s international license suite is appropriate and intended for use around the globe, CC has historically permitted affiliates to port (linguistically translate and then adapt) the licenses…

Ireland License Draft Enters Public Discussion


The newest license draft adapted to Irish law is ready for public discussion. A previous version of this license was published and opened for discussion and we are now seeking comments on the latest revised version. To contribute a review or question regarding the license draft adapted to Irish law, please visit the BY-NC-SA 3.0…

License Localization and Community Building


Legal experts working with Creative Commons have crafted license suites adapted to the languages and laws of over 50 jurisdictions. These localized legal tools have seen major adoption, from governments at all levels to galleries, libraries, museums, and archives, as well as innumerable artists, scientists, and educators. Over the last few weeks, we are pleased…

Poland's Version 3.0 Licenses Now Online


Internationalization is an essential aspect and major strength of Creative Commons. Our global efforts focus not only on establishing new jurisdiction projects, but also on working closely with long-standing national projects to upgrade localized licenses and to strengthen the commons worldwide. CC Poland, one of the earliest jurisdictions to found a national Creative Commons project,…

Vietnam opens national license draft for discussion


CC Vietnam has released its first license draft (pdf) and is inviting the Vietnamese and international community to join in reviewing it. The goal of the license porting, coordinated by Creative Commons International, is to legally and linguistically adapt the CC licensing suite to national law. That way, creators enjoy additional legal certainty while better…