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Tag: Open Knowledge Foundation

Data Journalism Handbook to launch under CC BY-SA


This Saturday’s International Journalism Festival in Perugia, Italy will unveil a months-long collaborative effort — the Data Journalism Handbook, a free, CC BY-SA licensed book to help journalists find and use data for better news reporting. Data Journalism Handbook – Cover Mockup / jwyg / CC BY-SA A joint initiative of the European Journalism Centre…

Launch of The Public Domain Review website


By Dr Julius Neubronner [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons We’re pleased to see the launch of The Public Domain Review. The Review is a website with weekly updates in which scholars, writers, artists, librarians and others present an interesting or curious work (including films, photographs, texts and audio) from the public domain and write short…

Open Knowledge Conference 2011


The Open Knowledge Foundation’s annual conference, OKCon, is next week in Berlin. They’ve put together an amazing program featuring some of the most exciting projects and speakers in the free/libre/open universe beyond software — though free software is not unrepresented — Richard Stallman is giving what should be an extremely interesting talk on Free/Libre Software…

Open Milton


Happy Belated Birthday John Milton! The poet that English majors belabor and grow to know so well turned 400 earlier this week, and to celebrate, the Open Knowledge Foundation launched Open Milton. What is Open Milton? Open Milton is “an open set of Milton’s works, together with ancillary¬†information and tools, in a form designed for…