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Cloud Commons

About CC

Creative Commons licensing has been highlighted in a couple prominent discussions of “cloud computing” documents recently. Last week Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz wrote about Sun’s cloud computing strategy: Second, we announced the API’s and file formats for Sun’s Cloud will all be open, delivered under a Creative Commons License. That means developers can freely stitch…

Thank you!


Joi Ito / Photo by Mizuka / CC BY One week ago I asked for support in helping us reach our $500,000 goal. At that time, we had $12,000 left to raise with only 2 1/2 days left in the campaign, and we were all wondering how we were going to make it. Today, I’m…

Microsoft jumps in to put us over the top!


We’ve just gotten word that Microsoft has upped its pledge by $15,000 to put us over the top for the year. Microsoft has been a corporate sponsor of Creative Commons for the past 4 years and we’re delighted to have their continued support.

Late yet great news — Photosynth launches with CC support

Open Culture

Last year you probably saw a video demo of Photosynth at TED, and forwarded and/or were forwarded the video many times (the video is even licensed under CC BY-NC-ND, like all TED videos). Lots of people forwarded it to me anyway — I apparently do something with computers 🙂 and Photosynth is computer technology anyone…