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Tag: Hal Abelson

Meet our board members: Hal Abelson


Founding board member Hal Abelson was an advocate of Creative Commons from before the organization even existed. He was a grad student in the 60s when people starting buzzing about computers. “They cost several million dollars at the time,” he says. “My first thought was, this computer thing is great, you can turn kids loose…

Intellectual backing for the CC paradigm shift


Our board member Hal Abelson points us to Modeling a Paradigm Shift: From Producer Innovation to User and Open Collaborative Innovation , an important new paper by Carliss Y. Baldwin and Eric von Hippel. If you’re interested in the theoretical case for the ascendancy of innovation and creativity in the commons — and for policy…

RDFa now a W3C recommendation; message from Hal Abelson


Yesterday RDFa, a technical standard Creative Commons has championed at the World Wide Web Consortium for five years, was made a W3C Recommendation — a standard for the web to build upon. CC founding board member and MIT computer science professor Hal Abelson sends this message: Dear Staff and Board, I’m writing with some great…