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Celebrating Freesound 2.0, retiring Sampling+ licenses


Freesound is a collaborative database of nearly 120,000 sounds. We first posted about the project in 2005. Freesound specializes in sounds, not songs, and those sounds have been used thousands of times from ccMixter remixes to a major motion picture. The project has just launched a complete rewrite of its site, with a new, modern…

Spain's Version 3.0 goes live


Creative Commons Spain and Catalonia has successfully completed its versioning of the ported Creative Commons licensing suite to Version 3.0. The six standard Creative Commons licenses are now legally and linguistically adapted to Spanish law and available in Castilian, Catalan, and Basque, with a Galician translation coming soon and now Galician. CC Spain and Catalonia… Update: Name Change, Radio, CC Licensed PHD, and more


Freesound, a venerable repository of CC-licensed samples, has been up to a bevy of good work since we last checked in with them. This includes developing a beautiful successor to wav2png, changing their name to, teaming up with Happy New Ears to develop an interactive sample machine aimed at children, and launching Freesound Radio,…

Freesound 2.0


Freesound is a repository of CC-licensed audio samples … nearly 50,000 sounds. In December Freesound received a Google Research Award which they’re using to create “Freesound 2.0”. You can follow progress on their development blog and discuss on their forum. I interviewed Freesound founder Bram de Jong a couple years ago.

Freesound sample in "Children of Men"


The powerful new film Children of Men is notable for many things: its bleak artistry, riveting story, and elegant direction, just to name a few. A very cool aspect of the movie that the critics may not have much appreciation for, but that we here at Creative Commons surely do, is its use of a…

'Organic' for your brain


Scott Leslie of EdTechPost writes: I have been working away listening to streams of fully CC-licensed remixes and tracks from the awesome CCMixter site all day, and just wanted to tell someone. What brought me there was the announcement that my old favourite, Freesound, is now integrated into ccMixter via the Sample Pool API. Ahh,…

Freesound via ccMixter (20k free sounds)


ccMixter maestro Victor Stone summarizes the good news: The freesound project is a web site for collecting tiny audio snippets and samples and sharing them under a Creative Commons license for use in larger audio works such as soundtracks, original material and oh yea, remixes. In just over the first year of operation they accumulated…


Open Culture

Freesound is a repository of CC-licensed samples … around 20,000 samples, recently integrated with ccMixter via the Sample Pool API. We recently spoke to Bram de Jong, Freesound founder and researcher at the Music Technology Group of Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. Creative Commons (“CC”): How did Freesound come about? Bram de Jong, Freesound Founder…

Over in Spain – Creating an Online Collaborative Database of Sounds


In preparation for the International Computer Music Conference to be held in Barcelona in September 2005, the Music Technology Group and the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, have created the freesoundproject. The freesound project is a collaborative database of sounds – not songs or compositions – but sounds: audio snippets, samples, recordings, bleeps. All sounds uploaded to…