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Exploring a Books Data Commons for AI Training


What role do books play in training AI models, and how might digitized books be made widely accessible for the purposes of training AI? What dataset of books could be constructed and under what circumstances? A new paper investigates the concept of a responsibly designed, broadly accessible dataset of digitized books to be used in training AI models.

Understanding CC Licenses and Generative AI

Better Internet, Licenses & Tools, Open Creativity, Technology
A black and white illustration of a group of human figures in silhouette using unrecognizable tools to work on a giant Creative Commons icon. CC Icon Statue” by Creative Commons, generated in part by the DALL-E 2 AI platform. CC dedicates any rights it holds to this image to the public domain via CC0.

Many wonder what role CC licenses, and CC as an organization, can and should play in the future of generative AI. The legal and ethical uncertainty over using copyrighted inputs for training, the uncertainty over the legal status and best practices around works produced by generative AI, and the implications for this technology on the…

Back to Basics: Open Culture for Beginners

Open Culture
The background image is the Wave of Kanagawa, a famous Japanese painting of a large wave with boats floating toward it. Creative Commons’ logo is in the upper right hand corner. Underneath reads “OPEN CULTURE LIVE” and “Back to Basics: Open Culture for Beginners, 27 July, 2023, 14 UTC.” Under the Wave off Kanagawa (Kanagawa oki nami ura), also known as The Great Wave, from the series Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji (Fugaku sanjūrokkei). Katsushika Hokusai ca. 1830–32. Metropolitan Museum. Public Domain.

On 27 July 2023 we hosted the first webinar in our new Open Culture Live series. In this session about the basics of Open Culture, we led a presentation that answers some of the key questions for beginners hoping to understand more about Creative Commons, and how we work closely with the cultural heritage sector…

Wikipedia Moves to CC 4.0 Licenses

Licenses & Tools
Black logos for the Wikimedia Foundation and Creative Commons, side by side.

We are thrilled to announce that Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects have now adopted version 4.0 of the Creative Commons BY-SA license! The project first began using version 3.0 of the CC licenses in 2009 following a community process, having previously used the GNU Free Documentation License. This decision, made as part of a Terms…

Open Minds Podcast: Sam Williams of Arweave

About CC
Cartoonish illustration of a human hand holding a torch with a lightbulb radiating yellow light next to the words Open Minds above a #20CC icon and Creative Commons wordmark, all on a faded purplish-blue sky with white clouds.

Hi Creative Commoners! We are back with a new episode of CC’s Open Minds … from Creative Commons podcast. On this episode, CC’s Chief Operating Officer, Anna Tumadóttir, sits down for an interesting conversation with Sam Williams, the co-founder and CEO of Arweave, the company that created the Arweave protocol, a permanent archive of human…

Sharing Matters: What We’ve Learned at Creative Commons

About CC, Community

Sharing matters. Thanks to the digital revolution, we share things like never before, from scientific research to family photos, from day-to-day life to college courses — and all instantaneously. The variety and volume of sharing today was unimaginable even just a decade ago. Now social media and publishing platforms, smartphones, cheap data, and expanded internet…

Explore the New CC Legal Database Site!

Licenses & Tools

The Creative Commons Legal Database is a collection of case law and legal scholarship to help our users learn more about legal issues surrounding Creative Commons (CC) licenses and legal tools. This information has been contributed by many dedicated members of the CC Global Network and the CC Legal Team. It was shared in a…

We’ve Redesigned the CC License “Legal Code” Pages

Licenses & Tools
The new design

Last week, we launched a redesign of Creative Commons’ various license (aka “legal code”) pages. See one for yourself. In this post, I’ll spell out what the changes are and why we made them. The most obvious change we made is updating the overall look of the pages so that they resemble the rest of…