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Tag: CC Austria

We’re Happy to Introduce Our Newest CC Chapter: CC Austria!

World Feature Image Credit: "World" icon by Guilherme Furtado (BR) via Noun Project.

We are excited to introduce to you the newest addition to the CC Chapter Network: CC Austria! In July, the CC Austria Chapter was founded (via video conference due to COVID-19). The core group of CC Austria members have been dealing with copyright matters in Austria for years; submitting statements on reforms of the Austrian…

First CC Salon in the Alps


From CC Austria: We proudly announce the first CC Salon to be held in the Alps in the net culture labs of the cities Vienna and Dornbirn simultaneously, connected with a video bridge. CC licensing has become very popular in Austria and even found its way in curricula of media design students. Together with the…

Version 3.0 Austria now goes live!


We are very pleased to announce that Creative Commons Austria has successfully completed the versioning of the ported Creative Commons licensing suite in Austria. Following the versioning of Creative Commons Germany in late July 2008, Version 3.0 of the six standard Creative Commons licenses is now legally and linguistically adapted to Austrian law. A special…