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Paul Brest Named Creative Commons Chair

About CC

Read the full press release. (PDF) I’m delighted to announce that Paul Brest has been elected chair of the Creative Commons board. Paul will begin as chair in December, coinciding with CC’s tenth anniversary celebrations. Throughout his career, Paul has bridged the worlds of law, philanthropy, and academia, most recently as president of the William…

Meet our board members: Caterina Fake


Caterina Fake by Richard Morgenstein / CC BY-SA The first website CC board member Caterina Fake ever made was a fan page for Lolita author Vladimir Nabokov, her favorite writer.  “When I first went online around 1993-1994, every site was just something people had just put up–pictures of their cat, or a marble collection, or…

Meet our board members: Molly Van Houweling


Molly Van Houweling by Joi / CC BY When Molly Van Houweling ran Creative Commons back in 2001, she was the only staff member, working out of a small office on the third floor of the Stanford law school building. Her work there was mundane but critical: taking off from the pivotal meeting among the…

Meet our board members: Jimmy Wales


Meet Creative Commons board member Jimmy Wales. You probably know him best as the founder of Wikipedia. Here, he talks to us about the importance of Creative Commons, why fundraising is hard, and his crazy travel schedule. Why are you on the CC board? As the founder of Wikipedia, I am very aware of the…

Meet our board members: Hal Abelson


Founding board member Hal Abelson was an advocate of Creative Commons from before the organization even existed. He was a grad student in the 60s when people starting buzzing about computers. “They cost several million dollars at the time,” he says. “My first thought was, this computer thing is great, you can turn kids loose…