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Open Infrastructure Circle

A black and white Creative Commons icon and logo above

Creative Commons (CC) has launched the Open Infrastructure Circle (OIC)  to ensure our organization is around for years to come. We’re looking for supporters to commit to a recurring or multi-year gift to Creative Commons.

Your contributions will specifically support the technical and legal maintenance of our CC Licenses, which is vastly underfunded yet critical to everything we do.

We’re one of only a handful organizations fighting to preserve the global commons, which is constantly at risk.

We need regular supporters to keep our doors open. Check out who’s already joined the OIC below, and sign up yourself. Anyone can become a member, whether you’re a company, foundation, or an individual. If you have questions or would like to make your gift via check or wire transfer, please reach out to us at


Creative Commons gratefully acknowledges the support of the following donors for 2023-2024.

Anchor ($250,000+ annual gift)

Champion ($100,000+ annual gift)

Ally ($50,000+ annual gift)

Partner ($25,000+ annual gift)

Advocate ($10,000+ annual gift)

Contributor ($1,000+ annual gift)

CC Licenses are a free and reliable public good. Yet most people are unaware that their infrastructure and stewardship takes a lot of money and work to maintain. Sign up now! Thank you for considering joining the Open Infrastructure Circle and contributing to the technical and legal infrastructure of the open web.