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The Metrics Project Now Live!


Tim Hwang, Business Development Intern here. Along with Jon Phillips and many others, we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes and excited to announce today that we’ve officially launched the Creative Commons Metrics Project! Recently, there’s been a growing academic interest in understanding how CC adoption is changing the creative landscape worldwide. Metrics is…

Creative Commons Launches Metrics Research Project

About CC

San Francisco, CA – July 9, 2008 Today Creative Commons (CC) announced the official launch of the Metrics project, a broad-based open web-based initiative to encourage and collect research efforts on the adoption of CC licenses worldwide. With the launch of the Creative Commons Case Studies project last month, CC expanded the qualitative information available…

OpenMoko Reports Success With CC'd CAD Files


Great news coming out recently that our good friends over at the awesome open source mobile phone project OpenMoko have been seeing rapid success with releasing their CAD design files for the FreeRunner phone under the Creative Commons Share-Alike license. Their open design approach has spurred adoption, becoming the basis for the Dash Express car…

WikiHow Promotes Universal Edit Button


Big news recently that our friends at Wikihow (and a growing list of other wiki projects large and small) are teaming up to promote and enable the Universal Edit Button (UEB), an extension for Firefox that automatically notifies users with an icon when a page is editable — like an RSS. It’s a simple and…

VIA's OpenBook Project Takes Off, Wins International Award


Big news coming out this month on VIA’s OpenBook mini-notebook computer project which incorporates an “open design” approach that makes the CAD design plans for the device available to the public under the permissive terms of a Creative Commons BY SA license. The project invites customers to innovate and solicits suggestions from users on future…