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Safe Creative Looking For US Trainee


CC’s Business Development team Jon Phillips and myself got a chance to meet up a few weeks ago with the awesome staff over at the Spain-based SafeCreative project. They’re working to build a free and open global intellectual property registry that allows users to publicly assert and identify their rights over a work. The project… Releases Improved Uploading Interface


Prominent Free Culture activist, ROFLCon-ite, and close CC friend Dean Jansen blogged recently about’s new absolutely amazingly easy-to-use new interface for uploading media. As he writes, This is great news, as has historically been notoriously difficult to publish to. I’m encouraging them to go one step further and add easily accessible RSS links…

Esther Wojcicki Joins Creative Commons Board!


Great news being released today that Esther Wojcicki, prominent education innovator, has officially joined the Creative Commons board! We’re thrilled (and lucky) to get her experience and advice on all our developing education related initiatives. You can read all the details at our press releases page. (photo courtesy Joi Ito, CC BY)

Education Innovator Esther Wojcicki Joins Creative Commons Board

About CC

San Francisco, CA – July 10, 2008 Creative Commons (CC), a global non-profit focused on the preservation and growth of a openly shareable and remixable media landscape, officially announced today that education innovator Esther Wojcicki has joined its Board of Directors. Wojcicki has been a prominent figure in American education. As the leading mind behind…

Participate In Flickr User CC Licensing Study!


Our good friend and new media sociologist Alek Tarkowski from CC Poland has been working hard to compile data for a new report on Flickr user patterns and content licensing. This’ll be a great boost for deepening our developing case study, and will go a long way to supporting our ongoing efforts to develop an…