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Scann is the Coordinator of the CC GLAM Network Platform. You can connect with her via Twitter @scannopolis and learn more about our GLAM work @openglam.

Posts by Scann

It’s Been a (Good) Year for Open GLAM. Here’s Why.


Generally speaking, 2020 hasn’t been a great year. That’s obvious. But we’re not here to focus on the awful things that have happened (and are still happening) this year. Instead, we’re here to tell you a good news story about 2020: a story about collaboration, innovation, and creativity. A story about the present and the…

Meet the Winners of the CC Open GLAM Platform Activities Fund!


During the CC Global Summit, we had our “CC Open GLAM Platform Meeting”, where we had the opportunity to present several of the activities that we are running with the Open GLAM Platform Activities Fund. We’re delighted to announce the five winners of the General Projects of the Open GLAM Platform Activities Fund. The CC…

Implementing the Marrakesh Treaty in Latin America: A Look at the Experiences of Four CC Community Members


Four years ago today, the Marrakesh Treaty entered into force. The Treaty is truly special in the international copyright law universe: it has a clear humanitarian and social development dimension and it’s the first international treaty that focuses on the beneficiaries of limitations and exceptions, rather than on the rights of creators or holders of…

Reproductions of Public Domain Works Should Remain in the Public Domain

Copyright, Licenses & Tools, Open Access

It has come to the attention of Creative Commons that there is an increased use of CC licenses by cultural heritage institutions on photographic reproductions and 3D scans of objects such as sculptures, busts, engravings, and inscriptions, among others, that are indisputably in the public domain worldwide. A recent example is the 3000-year-old Nefertiti bust…