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License Localization and Community Building


Legal experts working with Creative Commons have crafted license suites adapted to the languages and laws of over 50 jurisdictions. These localized legal tools have seen major adoption, from governments at all levels to galleries, libraries, museums, and archives, as well as innumerable artists, scientists, and educators. Over the last few weeks, we are pleased…

Language Harmonization at Creative Commons


One of the most important values at Creative Commons is the usability of our tools. We strive to make all of our tools human-readable, often bridging dissonant vocabularies and frameworks to ensure our tools are compatible and understandable the world over. The challenge of localization is balancing legally sound terminology with culturally palatable translations. Sometimes…

Where should we host our 2011 Global Meeting?


Open: (CC)ool inside by lairaja et al (full credits via link to the work) / CC BY-SA It’s been almost three years since the CC community last met in person, adjacent a larger event in Sapporo, Japan. For such a rapidly growing and evolving network of experts and volunteers, the time is more than ripe…

Governments demonstrating leadership in openness with Creative Commons


Dr. Hessa Al Jaber, Secretary General, ictQATAR / ictQATAR / CC BY Qatar’s Supreme Council for Information and Communication Technology, ictQatar, is among the many governments making waves by promoting openness and Creative Commons. During the welcome address at last weekend’s Digitally Open conference in Doha, the ictQATAR’s Secretary General Dr. Hessa Al-Jaber announced that…



Dr. Fang Quan, Dr. Wang Lan, Dr. Shen Yunqiao, Dr. Yi Zaicheng, Miss Wang Chengfang, Mr. Lu Xiaoping, Miss Dai Zhujun (Macau University of Science and Technology)