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Eric Steuer

Eric Steuer develops creative projects, partnerships, and events on behalf of Creative Commons. He also directs CC’s creative vision, editorial strategy, and communications planning.

Steuer serves on the leadership team of the Open COVID Coalition, an international effort to remove obstacles to intellectual property during the COVID-19 pandemic. He also manages CC’s role in the Bassel Khartabil Fellowship, an initiative that provides financial support and guidance to outstanding individuals developing open source projects in their communities under adverse circumstances.

Before joining CC, Steuer was an editor for WIRED, where he also wrote feature stories and led audience development. He has written for the New York Times Magazine, California Sunday Magazine, Make Magazine, and many other publications. He was the longtime board chair of CASH Music, a nonprofit focused on developing free resources and software for artists and record labels.

Steuer lives in the East Bay area of the great state of California, where he runs, writes, makes podcasts, hangs out with his family, and records music with his friends.

Photo credit: Priscilla C. Scott, CC BY

Posts by Eric Steuer

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