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Dee Harris

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As Director of Communications for Creative Commons, Dee oversees multi-channel communications strategies, creative production, and media relations. Dee has decades of experience in marketing communications and creative production. She is an author, illustrator, graphic designer, animator, and videographer with a multifaceted career in industries ranging from education to technology and the arts to non-profit leadership. Most recently, she was the chief marketing and communications officer for the largest behavioral health center in Oklahoma where she transformed advocacy storytelling, content marketing, and organic website engagement. She designed solicitation materials that increased online and annual giving and developed capital materials for a $10 million dollar campaign.

In 2019, she was an international recipient of The Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts Communicator Award of Excellence for her short animation, The Life of Firestrike. That same year she was also honored with the Clarion Award for UI,UX web design.

Dee has written for the Safety and Justice Challenge website, Intermission Magazine and Tulsa World and illustrated the book No One Is Too Old To Learn: A Theoretical Perspective on Adult Brain Functions and Adult Learning.

In 2011, Dee founded Spartan Post News (SPN), a state-award winning journalism, broadcasting, and multimedia program at Bixby Public Schools. As a secondary English and journalism educator, she created curriculum around Creative Commons licenses and shared the importance of open access to accelerate innovation and creation in her classes. She was honored in 2015 as Oklahoma Scholastic Media’s Journalism Teacher of the Year, Bixby High School’s Teacher of the Year, and was an Oklahoma Foundation of Excellence Medal of Honor nominee.

Dee served on the board of the Association for Women in Communications and the advisory boards of the Journalism Education Association and Southern Interscholastic Press Association. She helped redevelop the Journalism Certification Examination for Educators through the Office of Educational Quality and Accountability and co-authored a curriculum guide for sports broadcasting and video journalism, used in 26 Oklahoma high schools.

Driven by intellectual curiosity and creative serendipity, Dee spends much of her time reading, writing, painting, and exploring digital media art. She and her husband live in Tulsa, where they enjoy cycling and are involved in theatrical and film productions.

Posts by Dee Harris

US, Partner Countries Launch Declaration for the Internet

Better Internet, Copyright

The Declaration for the Future of the Internet envisions advancing the free flow of information and protecting human rights. Creative Commons is committed to better sharing for a brighter future. This includes an open, global, interoperable, reliable, and secure internet.  Today, at a hybrid ministerial meeting organized by the White House’s National Security Council, over…

Creative Commons 2021 State of the Commons Annual Report

About CC

We are pleased to present the 2021 Creative Commons State of the Commons Annual Report. This report showcases last year’s 20th Anniversary activities and also highlights important innovations, achievements, collaborations, conversations, and partnerships.   Last year, our anniversary was visually branded with a sunflower. This image represented CC’s commitment to BETTER SHARING of knowledge and culture…

Better Internet Series: Architecture and Open Standards

Better Internet

See our article introducing this series. This article is the third of five detailing breakout sessions from the 2021 Creative Commons (CC) Global Summit about “creating a better internet.” The Summit was an opportune platform for these conversations, as it drew over 1600 attendees from over 90 countries. Attendees included organizations, activists, advocates, librarians, educators,…

Better Internet Series: Access to Information and Knowledge

Better Internet

See our article introducing this series. This article is part of a series of five articles detailing breakout sessions from the 2021 Creative Commons (CC) Global Summit related to imagining a Better Internet. Throughout 2021, community partners interested in building a “better internet” have been coming together for conversations. Some partners joined as an opportunity…

SOPA Plus 10, reflections and continued work

Better Internet

On January 18, 2012, the web went dark in protest of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA), two bills introduced into the United States House and Senate in the last quarter of 2011. Why are we talking about this day ten years later? The fight for a global internet,…