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Now Hiring: Web Developer / Systems Administrator


Spy Shot / Dan Mills / CC BY-NC-SA Creative Commons is looking for a full-stack engineer to maintain our systems and websites. From the job description: Creative Commons is looking for a full time Web Developer/Systems Administrator to develop and maintain the sites and systems that power CC on the Web. This is a unique…

DRM in HTML5 Is a Bad Idea


Today’s latte, HTML5Yuko Honda / CC BY-SA Creative Commons strongly believes in the respect of copyright and the wishes of content creators. That’s why CC has created a range of legal tools that rely in part on copyright to enable our vision of a shared commons of creative and intellectual works. But when creators’ rights…

Now Hiring: Senior Software Engineer


CC swag IV / Peter Shanks / CC BY Creative Commons is looking for a senior software engineer. This hire will play a key role in building the next generation of Creative Commons technology. From the job description: We’re looking for a Senior Software Engineer to join us in creating next generation products and services…