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A message from Cathy: Farewell for now


The Long Lonely Road / Chuck Abbe / CC BY Dear CC Community, I love this CC photo of the open road. It is inspiring, and speaks to me of the journey, the path one travels. You can’t quite see around the bend, but you suspect the road will take you to another intriguing place,…

Why we choose open


I promise to keep this short. I wanted to share a note we received from CC donor Dorothea Salo: When I was a librarian hired to run an institutional repository, CC licenses helped me cut through copyright thickets with worried-but-interested faculty. CC’s unwavering support for free culture, and promotion of its benefits, demonstrated every day…

Welcome Dan Mills, Director of Product Strategy


2013 starts off fresh with Dan Mills joining the Creative Commons team as our director of product strategy. We are delighted to have Dan onboard and look forward to engaging his leadership. In his new role, Dan will head the Technology Team in the creation of software products to propel the Creative Commons mission forward…

Paul Brest Named Creative Commons Chair

About CC

Read the full press release. (PDF) I’m delighted to announce that Paul Brest has been elected chair of the Creative Commons board. Paul will begin as chair in December, coinciding with CC’s tenth anniversary celebrations. Throughout his career, Paul has bridged the worlds of law, philanthropy, and academia, most recently as president of the William…

TAG 2012 Keynote: Growing Into Mission-Supporting Technology


Today, I’m honored to be a keynote speaker at the Technology Affinity Group conference in Monterey, CA. I’ll be talking about my career and my experiences in the open space, and sharing three suggestions for the foundation community: Technology deserves a bigger place at the table. Technology is what drives the big innovations in the…