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CC Talks With: David Liao: Open Courseware and CC Licenses

Open Education, Open Science

Last week a researcher and educator by the name of David Liao contacted our team at Creative Commons about open courseware he had created, which we tweeted: “A mathematical way to think about biology.” Really well put-together CC BY-SA course. @lookatphysics #oer — creativecommons (@creativecommons) March 25, 2013 I sat down last Wednesday to…

Debrief: Sprinting to Build an Open Science Course


Photo by Billy Meinke / CC-BY Celebrating Open Data Open Data Day 2013 can be described as a success. Why? Because hundreds of people participated in more than 100 events distributed across six continents all over the world, celebrating open data and all that we can do with it. Here at CC, we planned and…