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Global Network Charter

The Charter is an agreement between an individual person or an institution, in the Creative Commons Global Network, have with all of the other Members and Institutional Members of the Creative Commons network and Creative Commons.

This Charter includes the list of values we share, the principles that guide our work and mutual responsibilities. It also identifies policies with which all Members and others, if acting in the name of Creative Commons (when allowed) or a participant in a Chapter or elsewhere in our network in any capacity, must adhere in order to safeguard the reputation of Creative Commons and the coordination of activities in the course of pursuing our shared mission and objectives.

Download as a PDF: Global_Network_Membership_Charter.pdf (07.11.2017 Public Version)

Important Note: Unofficial translations of this Charter and other network-related governance documents may be provided in other languages. In the event of conflict between any unofficial translation and the original English language version, the English language version shall control.