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CC Is Refreshing Its Strategy. Here’s Why Your Voice Matters.

About CC
Image by Mario Jr. Nicorelli is licensed via CC BY-NC 2.0

Over the past weeks, the CC board and team have been working behind the scenes on our strategy refresh. We are excited to share our progress as we enter the community engagement phase of the refresh and explain how you can contribute to the process.

Emerging Themes and Confirmed Priorities 

Through a series of team and board workshops, as well as an assessment of our progress toward our current strategic plan, we’ve already begun to see themes emerge and priorities confirmed that will help to guide this refresh process. A few highlights so far:  

Community Engagement Process 

Now it’s your turn! At this point in the strategic refresh process, we want (and need!) to hear from our global community. We will be engaging with you over the next two months in two phases. Phase 1 consists of a survey that you can participate in and will be shared with our mailing lists and community platforms on July 10th, 2024. The goal of the survey is to gather input and feedback on the changing nature of CC’s strategy and hear what is most important to you. 

Building on the information gathered in the survey, phase 2 will commence with a series of community calls held in August. Invitations to join the community calls are below. 

Together there’s so much we can do to shape the future of CC and we are looking forward to connecting and engaging with you on CC’s future direction.

General Community Consultation

14 August at 2:30 PM UTC

Register Here: 

General Community Consultation

14 August at 8:00 PM UTC

Register Here:

Open Science and the Commons

15 August at 4:00 PM UTC

Register Here:

Generative AI and the Commons

20 August at 4:00 PM UTC

Register Here: 

Creators and the Commons

22 August at 2:00 PM UTC

Register Here:

Posted 09 July 2024