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Anna Tumadóttir Appointed as CEO of Creative Commons

About CC

The Board of Directors of Creative Commons (CC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Anna Tumadóttir as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CC. 

“The CC Board universally supported Anna’s appointment as CEO,” says CC’s Board Chair Delia Browne. “Anna has been a source of stability as well as a catalyst for CC’s future direction throughout her time at CC. The Board is looking forward to her leading the team with her experience, thoughtfulness, and commitment to removing barriers, improving workflows and effectiveness, and sharing openly as part of a robust knowledge commons,” continues Delia.

CC staff photos are licensed under CC BY 4.0. Gratitude to Sara Jordan Photography.

Anna’s longstanding leadership at CC has been a pillar of CC’s success since she joined in September 2019 as Director of Product. Anna was promoted to Chief Operating Officer (COO) in 2021 after her successful time leading product strategy. In 2023, she also held the role of Deputy CEO, ensuring ongoing effective operations and stewardship of organizational priorities.

During her tenure as Interim CEO, Anna articulated an innovative and sustainable future for CC. As CC continues to define its role within the emergence of generative artificial intelligence (AI), Anna is positioned to guide this exploration with an unwavering commitment to knowledge sharing within the broader commons. Cementing CC’s role as the stewards of the legal infrastructure of the open web, in collaboration with the CC Global Network and community, is a key priority.

“I am honored to formally step into the role of CEO, and bring my experience with and understanding of CC’s global contributions, and ongoing need for sustainability and world-class operations, into this role,” says Anna. “I wish to thank the Board of Directors for their support during this transition period, as well as give my thanks to the CC team who are co-creating a shared vision of the future that I’m excited to implement alongside them,” continues Anna. 

Anna’s appointment is effective immediately and will begin with a strategic refresh for the organization with more details and opportunities to engage with this process to come. Please join us in congratulating Anna and wishing her well in this new role. 

Posted 10 April 2024