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A Special Episode of the Open Culture Voices Series, Part 2

Open Culture

Watch A Special Episode of the Open Culture Voices Series, Part 1

In this Special Episode of the Open Culture Voices series, CC hosts a conversation among five open culture experts from around the world:

This second part of the conversation revolves around several topics related to open culture, such as digital interactions, the climate crisis, and the challenges faced by the open culture movement. Our guests discuss the potential of open knowledge and culture in addressing environmental concerns, promoting diversity and access, and influencing policy changes.

Some of the other key points discussed include:

These points reflect our guests’ perspectives on the challenges and opportunities within the open culture movement and their suggestions for realizing its potential.

Here’s what our guests believe needs to change if we want to realize open culture:

“I think that cultural heritage institutions need to move away from a risk-based approach into a transformational one…They have a lot of leverage on changing the conversation around copyright and I think that they need to use it.” — Evelin Heidel (Scann)

“Making sure that we elect people who fund the public sector, fund institutions, set up funding schemes for artists, for creatives, for people to do research and really cool projects around some of these things.” — Andrea Wallace

“One could take the point of view that the toolkits are there, that there doesn’t need to be some massive intervention. It can be used, reapplied, remixed, to solve local problems, policy problems, execution problems at any scale… I still see this as a point of inflection. We’ve built two thirds of a bridge, and we’re curious why people haven’t crossed that bridge.” — Michael Peter Edson

“Support in funding, especially for institutions which do grapple with whether to open, whether it will take away from their monetization practices…It’s nice to have web monetization going and maybe support that” — Medhavi Gandhi

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Posted 08 August 2023