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Standing in Solidarity with Ukraine

About CC

We are all affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In the interests of global peace, whether or not you have family or friends in Ukraine, the brutal aggression by a neighboring state creating a war affecting millions of innocent people has to be condemned in the strongest way possible.

As a global not-for-profit, with a community across the world that believes in democratic values, we stand with those Ukrainians upholding democracy, defending freedom and the rule of law.

In the context of mobile connectivity, this is like no other war that has gone before.  As Thomas Friedman aptly describes in today’s New York Times,  we are “wired together more intimately than ever before by telecommunications; satellites; trade; the internet; road, rail and air networks; financial markets and supply chains…. Welcome to World War Wired-the first war in a totally interconnected world.”

This highlights the importance of openness, so that scrutiny can properly be brought to bear, so that accountability is not hidden from the public. This also casts light on regimes restricting, or otherwise skewing, access to information, news, and knowledge.  Something we strive to overcome. Our community stands in solidarity with Ukraine.

Posted 27 February 2022