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Applications for the 2021 CC Global Summit Access Fund are open now


At Creative Commons, openness, diversity, inclusion, and democratization are at the heart of everything we do. We strive to create an inclusive experience at each CC Global Summit, ensuring that each event is as accessible as possible and that underrepresented groups feel welcome in the CC community.

Over the years, Creative Commons has built a diverse and globally representative Summit audience by dedicating resources to increasing diversity and accessibility. This year being virtual is no different – we are pleased to offer the Summit Access Fund to tackle accessibility issues in the virtual space. 

The Summit Access Fund will support community members and presenters who need financial support to access our tools and platforms, including reliable internet, in order to meaningfully participate in the event. Haven’t had a chance to register yet? Register here >>

We will be offering small dollar amounts of $50 and $100USD, and all applications will be reviewed by a volunteer committee from around the globe.

Whether you don’t have access to home internet, lack bandwidth due to living in a multiple occupant household, or live in an area with connection issues, we hope this funding will help make access to the summit more equitable. Priority will be given to delegates who are CC Global Network Members and those residing in the global south, but applications are welcome and encouraged from all participants.



If you can, please consider donating to the Summit Access Fund to help ensure reliable internet access for CC Summit participants who may need it, as well as translation and live language support. Donate here >>

Posted 12 August 2021