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Welcome CC Morocco to the Open Community!


Information access and sharing is the commitment of the new CC Morocco!

The establishment of the CC Chapter Morocco is an outcome of many years of interest of its members in developing open access to scientific information and creating open repositories. The main objective of CC Morocco is to strengthen skills about open access, Creative Commons, and open educational resources in the country. The Chapter aims to also provide an open access library to disseminate scientific publications and contribute to the development of local research which meets the needs of Moroccan society.

We organized the first virtual CC Chapter meeting on 16 December 2020 to have an exchange around open access and to understand the opportunities offered by CC licenses to both share and protect creations. I, Hanae Lrhoul, was elected as the representative to the Global Network Council and Moroccan Chapter Lead to promote open access to information and usage of CC licenses locally, regionally, and internationally.

We want you to get involved!

Join us at CC Morocco:

If you are a researcher, an information professional, an artist, a creator or just interested in the open movement and if you share our values of openness, transparency, creativity, and equitable access to information, it’s time to join CC Morocco and realize exciting new opportunities!

We invite you to visit the CC Morocco chapter website for more information. You can also contact us directly at or on Facebook.

Thank you to the CC Morocco team, especially Hanae Lrhoul, for contributing to the CC Network Fridays feature, and for all of their work in the open community! To see this shared on Twitter, click here. To become a member of the CCGN, visit our website!

?: Featured image has icons by Guilherme Furtado and Vectors Point via Noun Project (CC BY 3.0).

Posted 29 January 2021