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Meet CC Argentina, Our Next Feature for CC Network Fridays!


After introducing the CC Italy Chapter to you in July, the CC Netherlands Chapter in August, CC Bangladesh Chapter in September, CC Tanzania Chapter in October, and the CC India Chapter in November, and the CC Mexico Chapter in December, we are staying in Latin America to introduce the CC Argentina Chapter! 

The Creative Commons Global Network (CCGN) consists of 46 CC Country Chapters spread across the globe. They’re the home for a community of advocates, activists, educators, artists, lawyers, and users who share CC’s vision and values. They implement and strengthen open access policies, copyright reform, open education, and open culture in the communities in which they live.

To help showcase their work, we’re excited to continue our blog series and social media initiative: CC Network Fridays. At least one Friday a month, we’re traveling around the world through our blog and on Twitter (using #CCNetworkFridays) to a different CC Chapter, introducing their teams, discussing their work, and celebrating their commitment to open! 

Say hello to CC Argentina!

The CC Argentina Chapter was formed in 2018. Its Chapter Lead is Matías Butelman and its representative to the CC Global Network Council is Franco Giandana. CC Argentina is involved in all of the Network Platforms (Copyright, OpenGLAM and OpenEducation) and actively advocates for open in Argentina. For this post, we spoke to Franco who told us a bit more about the Chapter’s work. He responded in both English and Spanish! 

CC: What open movement work is your Chapter actively involved in? What would you like to achieve with your work? What exciting project has your Chapter engaged in recently? What projects in your country are using CC licenses that you’d like to highlight? (Please provide their Twitter handles if you have them.)

CC Argentina: Creative Commons Argentina y sus integrantes se encuentran involucrados en diferentes proyectos de capacitacion y difusion de la cultura libre:

CC: What do you find inspiring and rewarding about your work in the open movement?

CC Argentina: It is a constant learning process. The CCAr members are involved in different types or sectors, doing all kinds of jobs related to copyright, from working at universities or museums, running NGOs, being private legal consultants or competing in the editorial industry, so everyday there is a good chance of learning new perspectives or insights. In that sense, even if we share the interest and will to advocate in the Open Movement, we have different knowledge and experiences, which is only making the whole process of being involved in a CC Chapter more interesting and nurturing. 

CC: What are your plans for the future? 

CC Argentina: Creative Commons Argentina is an active Chapter of the CC Global Network, composed by a diverse group of people coming from different sectors and regions within the country. As a CC Chapter, we have managed to function efficiently under a common goal, to promote and advocate for the use of CC licenses and the growth of the Open Movement in our region. We are proud to have specialists in copyright law, OpenGlam and OER, CC Ar members who are performers, artists, educators or publishers, engaging with each other and collaborating permanently in our Telegram group.   

For the near future, we foresee ourselves strengthening the bonds and work that are already in place, bringing in new challenges with more expertise and organization, collaborating with more museums, libraries, archives, universities, government and individuals. To add more, even if Argentina is an immense country, we are always in contact with our fellow CC Latin American Chapters, looking for new opportunities to connect and share ideas and resources, and so far, that has been as important as what we have already stated before. 

Thank you to the CC Argentina team, especially Franco for contributing to the CC Network Fridays feature, and for all of their work in the open community! To see this conversation on Twitter, click here. To become a member of the CCGN, visit our website!

?: Featured image has icons by Guilherme Furtado and Vectors Point via Noun Project (CC BY 3.0).

Posted 08 January 2021