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Welcome Our Newest Staff Members!

About CC

Over the past few months, we have added four new staff members to our team: Network Manager Julia Brungs; Development Manager Moumita C.; Data Engineer Brent Moran; and Open Policy Manager Brigitte Vézina.

Learn more about our newest staff members below!

Julia Brungs

Julia Brungs (Photo by Victoria Heath, CC BY)

Julia Brungs, Network Manager

Prior to joining CC, Julia led the cultural heritage work at IFLA and coordinated EU projects for Europeana. She is passionate about open culture and bringing people together.

Julia lives in Finland and she loves Finnish libraries, saunas, and nature.



Moumita C., Development Manager

Moumita supports CC’s global fundraising efforts and strategy. She has a background in international development, gender justice, and human rights spaces. When not fundraising, she tries to learn new languages or travel.

Moumita is currently based in California.


Brent Moran

Brent Moran (Photo by Victoria Heath, CC BY)

Brent Moran, Data Engineer

Brent believes that the internet is one of the most powerful tools available for collaboration on, and sharing of, creative output. He hopes that his work at CC removes barriers to the free flow of content on the internet.  

Brent lives on the western edge of Germany with his fiancée.


Brigitte Vézina

Brigitte Vézina (Photo by Victoria Heath, CC BY)

Brigitte Vézina, Open Policy Manager

Before joining CC, Brigitte worked as a legal officer at WIPO and then ran her own consultancy on copyright matters. She gets a kick out of tackling the fuzzy legal and policy issues that stand in the way of access, use, re-use, and the remix of culture and knowledge.

She lives in the Netherlands with her husband and two kids. 


Please join us in welcoming the newest members of our team!

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Posted 19 February 2020