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It’s Happening—The CC Global Summit Will Be in Lisbon, May 14-16!


Why mess with success?

We’re happy to announce that the 2020 CC Global Summit will once again be in Lisbon from May 14-16, 2020! Please save the date!

All of our workshops, talks, planning sessions and small group sessions will be hosted in the beautiful and vibrant Museu do Oriente, located on the Alcântara Waterfront. The event will again be co-hosted by Creative Commons and CC Portugal, who did such a tremendous job co-hosting the 2019 CC Summit.

We hope to build on the success of this year’s CC Summit, where nearly 400 Creative Commoners gathered from across the globe to attend over 130 sessions and listen to seven incredible keynotes. If you’re interested in the global movement for the commons as an activist, advocate, artist, librarian, educator, lawyer, technologist, etc., we want you to join us for discussion and debate, workshops and planning, talks and community building.

Are you interested in sponsoring the 2020 CC Global Summit?

Sponsorship levels | CC is pleased to invite sponsors to join us for the 2020 Global Summit in Lisbon at a range of levels from $2,000 to $50,000, including Exhibitor Sponsors, Lounge Sponsors, Lunch Sponsors, Keynote Sponsors, and more.

To learn more about sponsoring the 2020 Global Summit, contact Jami Vass, Director of Development, at

Where the money goes | CC’s annual Global Summit draws together an international community of technologists, legal experts, academics, activists, and community members who work to promote the power of open worldwide. The powerful act of gathering these diverse networks in one place enables CC to advance open strategy, develop stronger teams, and cross-pollinate expertise to create an ever-stronger community of open advocates.

Global Summit Sponsors make this annual cross-cultural event possible, providing an essential opportunity to advance and maximize digital creativity, collaboration, and sharing. The Summit is a key gathering of individuals working in the open knowledge sphere — and it is only as impactful as the breadth of voices we are able to engage and include in the event. In addition to supporting the convening at large, sponsors help support our Summit Scholarship Fund, enabling Creative Commons to broaden the spectrum of voices that are able to participate in these conversations — which in turn impacts the broader open knowledge space year-round.

Information on programming and how you can get involved coming soon. For updates, subscribe to our mailing list or join us on Slack.

Finally, to learn more about the 2019 CC Summit, be sure to check out this blog wrap-up and watch all seven of the keynotes.

Posted 28 August 2019