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Russian translation of 4.0 published

About CC

We are happy to announce the official translation of the Creative Commons 4.0 license suite into Russian. Congratulations to the CC Russia team for the great job! The translation team consisted of Mr. Yuri Hohlov – Public Head; Mr. Alexander Evtyushkin – Expert; Ms. Louisa Rizmanova – CC Russia Project Manager; Mr Alexander Generalov – translator – from IIS; Mr. Michael Yakushev – Legal Head; Ms. Svetlana Vorozhbit; Mrs. Elena Voinikanis; Ms. Natalia Sorokina; Mr. Maksym Naumko; Mr. Vitaly Kalyatin. Special thanks to Mrs. Tatiana Ershova and Mr. Nikolay Dmitrik for reviewing the final draft.

The translation of 4.0 was performed after article 1286.1 of the Russian Civil Code came into effect, which created the definition of the open license under Russian law. Prior to that, the legal regime analogical to Creative Commons had never been defined. This new article benefited Creative Commons users, as well as the free software community. As copyleft licenses, such as GNU GPL, have a long history of translation into the Russian language, there was an effort in the translation process to put the 4.0 legal instruments into the context of the article 1286.1 of the Russian Civil Code and translation of the licenses used for free software.

Surprisingly, there were few issues arising from the lack of the Russian terminology. This new translation reflects the fact of maximum convergence between the Russian legislation on intellectual property and the contemporary documents in the copyright sphere.

View the new licenses.

Posted 20 April 2018