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About CC

I’ve been a teacher of media and journalism studies since 1984 at Palo Alto High School, and I consider Creative Commons to be an essential part of every student’s education. CC helps students unleash the power of storytelling to change the world and provides them with a toolkit for remix and reuse. It’s my passion to help inspire students with these tools for change.

Today we have ten publications (600+ students) for which students write stories about issues important to them. The publications focus on articles about music, art, travel, photography, foreign affairs, national affairs, sociology, psychology – just to mention a few. In addition, at Stanford some of my students have created open journals. We could not do what we do without CC. It provides the resources that allows my students to build upon. Here are two examples of websites from the school:
C Magazine and  Verde Magazine. They are all student produced. Students learn to respect copyright and share and build upon that which is CC licensed. It also provides important resources for the professional press on a daily basis.

We want to show the world what CC can do for journalism in 2018, so I’m asking you: Will you step up at $5 monthly or $75 one time and become a CC aCCelerator?

Courageous, well-researched, and timely journalism is desperately needed right now. We can’t write an algorithm to save our society — we’ll have to do it the hard way, by teaching and learning from each other and repairing the social fabric of trust through storytelling with integrity.

As Melody Kramer wrote last year in Poynter,

I see Creative Commons licensing as a smart way to distribute local or national content when the goal is maximum impact, or an audience spreading word that your content exists…When material is published under the license, smaller newsrooms can republish articles or media like photographs in full. Or, they can build on, localize or extend the reporting in some way.

We want you to join our global community and protect journalism by keeping it open – will you give $5 monthly to support? 

Journalism can save our society, our communities, and the web, and CC tools help ensure those stories are carried as far as they can go, becoming a resource for everyone. I hope you’ll support Creative Commons, as their tools are so important to the kind of journalism we need today.
Posted 21 December 2017