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Watch/listen: a celebration of Freedom of Sharing in Indonesia!


At the end of 2016, Creative Commons Indonesia held a discussion titled “Celebration of Freedom of Sharing in Indonesia” with support from the Awesome Fund. This event was also held to celebrate Creative Commons’s 15th anniversary.

Creative Commons Indonesia is a project under Wikimedia Indonesia that aims to spread the message about open culture in Indonesia, especially about open licenses like the Creative Commons license. This project started the 11th of November 2011 in Jakarta, and the Indonesian version of Creative Commons license was officially launched in Jakarta on the 11th of November 2012.

CC invited 2 speakers for this discussion. The first speaker was Alifia Qonita Sudharto (Nita), Project Leader for the 2016 Creative Commons Project, and Agung Damarsasongko from the Indonesian Directorate General of Intellectual Property. In this discussion, Nita confirmed that CC Licenses work legally in Indonesia according to article number 80 from Law Number 28 Year 2014 about Copyright Law. Regarding the license recordal mandatory issue in Indonesia, Agung responded that license recordal mandatory appeared in Indonesian Copyright Regulation only aiming at the exclusive type of licenses. CC Licenses, which are categorized as an open license, are mainly used for nonprofit purposes and are not the same with some exclusive licenses which has commercial purposes.

Through this discussion, Nita hoped that the Indonesian people’s knowledge about copyright could be increased, especially about CC License usage. “If someone uses a CC License, you don’t have to be afraid of losing your right when you share your works online. The tool is strong enough to protect the works,” Agung stated. “And for now the government has also been better at tracking down online copyright infringement,” confirmed Agung as a closing statement for this discussion.

Discussion from the CC Indonesia Event

Musical Selections from the Event

Podcast about the CC Indonesia Event

Posted 27 January 2017