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CC 4.0 German now live!

Licenses & Tools

Dimitar Dimitrov, CC BY 4.0

At the end of an intense process of expert hearings, thesaurus
discussions, translation sprints, legal language comparisons and several
rounds of fine-tuning the texts, the unified German translation of CC
licenses version 4.0 is finally here.

It is the first time that a CC tool is available in just one
consolidated text for all German-speaking users. The coordination
necessary happened between the CC teams in Germany, Austria and
Switzerland. Although the language variants between these main
German-speaking countries are considered relatively small, consolidating
legal texts that are equally aimed at lay people and professionals
proved considerably harder than expected.

We would like to thank the open content experts and commons activists
Annette Kaufmann
Alexander Baratsits
Armin Talke
Christoph Endell
Joachim Losehand
Klaus Graf
Leonhard Dobusch
Lukas Mezger
Magdalena Reiter
Matthias Schmid
Max von Grafenstein
Michela Vignoli
Nicole Lieger
Paul Klimpel
Roland Alton-Scheidl
Simon Schlauri
Till Jaeger
Till Kreutzer
several other commenters of the public commenting phase on
and John Weitzmann of CC Germany for leading the effort.

Posted 23 January 2017