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CC Europe meetup in Lisbon

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In September 2016, Creative Commons Europe hosted a meeting for our European affiliates in Lisbon, Portugal.

We would like to express our gratitude to the kind folks at Escola Das Gaivotas for hosting us, and to Teresa, Fatima, André, and Diogo from the CC Portugal team for being the best hosts ever!

What happens when you put 30 passionate commoners accustomed to meeting only online in a lovely conference venue in an historic city? Lots of talking, group updates, big plans being made, old and new issues being tackled, great projects presented, and new designs of collaboration schemes.

At the end of September, 30 participants from 15 different European Creative Commons teams came together for a meeting in Lisbon, Portugal. CC Representatives from the UK, France, Poland, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Ireland, Slovenia, Greece, Belarus, Ukraine, Austria, Belgium, Denmark and Romania joined the meeting, organized by CC Portugal. We were joined by CC CEO Ryan Merkley and Timothy Vollmer and Paul Stacey from CC HQ. 

The whole group poses together in Lisbon. Saša Krajnc, CC BY

The whole group poses together in Lisbon. Saša Krajnc, CC BY

From this meeting, we learned that the CC affiliate network is interested (and involved) in much more than just licenses. CC teams are vital in new emerging “commons” activities, the sharing economy, 3D printing, open agriculture, open business models, and copyright reform.

Some highlights of the meeting:

The whole group poses together in Lisbon. Saša Krajnc, CC BY

Saša Krajnc, CC BY

We’ll keep you updated as we continue our work for CC Europe in support of the commons. In the meantime, if you want to join the discussion, you can find us on Slack!

PS If you are wondering about the marvelous artworks in the photos, they’re by Vhils.

Posted 04 November 2016