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2016 State of the Commons: Call for submissions

About CC

Pinheads ( #cc ) by Martin Fisch / CC BY-SA

Since 2014, CC has published an annual State of the Commons report that tracks the growth of CC-licensed content on the web. Last year, we reported a milestone of 1 billion CC-licensed works in the commons. This year, we are shifting our reporting focus to align with our new strategy.

Quantitatively, we will still report on growth of CC-licensed content for year-over-year comparisons. Qualitatively, we want to offer a meaningful reflection of the year by providing short, digestible impact stories tied to real creators around the world working in various mediums and domains to surface vibrancy and usability of the commons and its contributors.

This is where you, our community, comes in. We are opening a public call for submissions of commons content, its creators, and the creative uses that have resulted.

The submission form is below and asks for the relevant details we need to start visualizing an impactful statistic tied to real use. Strong submissions include all three features of the Creative Commons story: 1) the creator/entity and the choice to openly license, 2) the user and the act of adapting and remixing, and 3) the resulting positive impact for a broader public.

The deadline for initial submissions is the end of the month: 31 October. We’ll be shaping the best submissions with their contributors in November.

Please submit your idea below.

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Posted 04 October 2016