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10 great moments from #ccsum


In case you missed it, be sure to read Jessica’s recap from the Creative Commons Global Summit a few weeks ago in Buenos Aires. One of the most fun parts of an event like this is watching the ongoing commentary on Twitter and the stream of photos on Flickr. Below, we’ve compiled ten of our favorite tweets from the summit.

@paul_keller in @ccpolska tshirt 🙂 #proud #ccsum

— Kamil Śliwowski (@cienkamila) August 24, 2013

Getting a chance to finally meet+drink with those people you've admired from the Internet… Yea I hope that never gets old. #ccsum

— Maira Sutton (@maira) August 22, 2013

re-create CC Summit emotions: re-listen CC Salon headliners, Shaman y Los Pilares de la Creacion #ccsum #Grunwald1410

— Alek Tarkowski (@atarkowski) August 28, 2013

"A strategy in the digital age will only last the blink of an eye." @cathycasserly #ccsum

— creativecommons (@creativecommons) August 22, 2013

Could we explain the difficult interactions of multiple CC licenses in a single work through a blood types metaphor? #ccsum

— Alek Tarkowski (@atarkowski) August 22, 2013

«Lawyers are people too… sort of.» #ccsum

— J. Carlos Lara G. (@DonJC) August 22, 2013

Thanks @creativecommons Legal Team for 4.0! You guys rock:) #ccsum #CCQatar @bilalr

— CC Qatar (@ccqatar) August 22, 2013

Realized cameras cost less than textbooks, so he jumped in a dumpster & made a textbook scanner – "CC in the real world" session #ccsum

— heidi (@ccheidi) August 22, 2013

'Fight the corruption, your role as a citizen' – @lessig remembers Aaron Swartz as a mentor, not a mentee at #ccsum

— Mark Hahnel (@MarkHahnel) August 23, 2013

We love this slogan from @ginocingolani: #ccsum

— creativecommons (@creativecommons) August 24, 2013

Find much more at the summit homepage.

Posted 14 September 2013