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FrostClick/FrostWire Update


Last time we checked in on FrostWire, an open-source Bit Torrent and Gnutella client, we noted a distinct promotion of CC-licensed music and content to their community. This push has grown drastically in the months following with FrostClick, FrostWire’s curated blog/directory, constantly featuring new and exciting work released under the full spectrum of our licenses.

Two recent releases in particular highlight the FrostWire community’s appetite for open and free music. Female rapper Kellee Maize’s Aligned Archetype, a CC BY licensed hip-hop record, has already received over 100,000 downloads from the FrostClick community since its debut last week. Derek Clegg’s KJC, a CC BY-SA licensed indie-folk effort, has received over 25,000 downloads in just three days of promotion. These numbers are inspiring to say the least, illuminating the power of curation within communities.

FrostClick is constantly featuring fantastic content, so be sure to check their blog for regular updates.

Posted 12 February 2010