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Thank you to Tucows for their continued support!


Tucows, the Toronto-based internet services company, has decided to generously continue their support of Creative Commons this year. Tucows has been a strong advocate and a good friend of CC for several years, and first contributed to CC’s annual campaign in 2006.

Tucows seeks to provide simple, useful services that help people unlock the power of the Internet. Their mission is to provide a web address and email address for every person and business. To that end, the company provides domain names, email and other services through their extensive reseller network and directly to consumers and small businesses through their retail and content groups.

Tucows understands the importance of developing powerful and effective digital tools to better link individuals, communities, and businesses worldwide, and CC is honored to have them supporting our work. We rely heavily on the expertise and financial support of forward-thinking companies to enable us to carry out our mission of facilitating participatory culture, and we deeply appreciate Tucows’ ongoing support, especially during strained economic times.

Thank you to Tucows and to all of the other individuals and companies who have supported our campaign thus far. I encourage you to join them in investing in the future of creativity and knowledge and donate today.

Posted 11 December 2009