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FairShare launched


Attributor launched FairShare today, a CC-aware self service platform for tracking the spread of your works around the web, building on their index of 35 billion web pages.

FairShare encourages choosing a CC license to make clear the terms under which you want your works to be spread, then gives you feeds showing exactly where all or parts of your works have been used, with or without attribution to you. This should be useful for both requesting proper use of your work under the terms of the CC license you’ve chosen, but perhaps more interestingly, for quantifying the spread and impact your works are having, in a way that has previously not been possible using only keyword and link searches.

You can try out FairShare now. For lots more background, check out Attributor’s presentations (slides and video available) at last year’s June and December CC Technology Summits.

Posted 04 March 2009