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CC Salon SF is looking for a new home


Do you or someone you know have a free space in San Francisco that CC could take over for a few hours in the evening once every two months? It could be anything from a bookstore back room to a gallery to a roomy office space – so long as it can comfortably accommodate up to 40 or 50 people and is conducive to discussion and presentations (A/V and mic setup are necessary; internet access is ideal).

The Creative Commons Salon allows us to put a face on CC and to build a community around the shared ideals of free and participatory culture, so if you’re excited about helping this movement grow, please consider showing some love by tapping into your network of contacts, friends, and colleagues to see if anyone might be willing to support CC by offering up space for our salon.

We’re also considering hosting salons once a year in the East Bay and the South Bay, so let us know if you’d be interested in attending or if you know of an available space.

Please email salon[at] with any ideas or suggestions.

Posted 15 January 2009