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Openmoko opens up their schematics


With the great success of releasing their CAD files under a Creative Commons license Openmoko, the Open Source mobile telephone company, announced that they will also release the schematics. CAD files are the design specification for how the phone looks (size, shape, etc) while the schematics are the designs of the electronics inside.

Included with the schematics are the designs for the GPS chip produced by u-Blox. “We fully support Openmoko’s decision to publish the schematics of the u-blox GPS receivers,” said the CEO of u-Blox, Thomas Seiler.

Openmoko developer Werner Almesberger expressed the reasoning behind the release, and the Openmoko project in general, “We now take our commitment to openness to the next level by releasing our schematics to the public,
allowing anyone to find out how the system works and how to improve it.”

Now that the entire documentation needed to explore and understand the Openmoko phones is available anyone can help improve it in any way they are able.

Posted 09 August 2008