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Tribe of Noise Opens With BY-SA Licensed Music


Tribe of Noise, a community driven music discovery network, is now open for all to join and participate.  Tribe of Noise, which was started by Hessel van Oorschot and Sandra Brandenburg in the Netherlands, allows artists to upload their works using the CC:BY-SA license.  The roots and goals of the project are related to the Open Source Software community which in turn influenced the license Tribe of Noise chose.

Tribe of Noise is using this license so the community can discover new music and develop new relationships with the participating artists.

Tribe of Noise banner

The artists that participate with Tribe of Noise will have many benefits including a personalized webshop along with legal and technical support in the future.  Participating with this project, as a user or artist, will help advance new methods of music creation along with appreciation and new plans for financial sustainability.

Posted 14 July 2008