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Thoughtful notes on "Building an Australasian Commons"


Wikimedia Commons editor and Australian Brianna Laugher wrote up some thoughtful notes on Creative Commons Australia’s recent conference:

Nonetheless, what can we learn from how CC conducts itself? I can’t speak for the other jurisdictions, but the Australian one is damn impressive. They do an incredible amount of gently-gently lobbying for the adoption of free content licenses and open access policies in a general sense, without only pushing their own licenses. They educate government, cultural and educational institutions about what CC is and how to use it. The Australian clinic started the Case studies project, which is a brilliant way of showcasing their successes and “normalising” the use of CC for organisations who are hesitant to jump on board. With this kind of index, they can easily find a similar-enough group that has already made the leap and make an assessment of how successful it was for them.

Yes, CC Australia is awesome.

As is Wikimedia Commons.

Brianna Laugher’s blog is always worth reading for insightful commentary and criticism of commons-building efforts — Australasian, Wikipedian, Creative, and more.

Posted 06 July 2008