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Insecurity, CC-licensed film


Insecurity is “an Australian-made independently-funded feature film” with a ‘hacker’ plot line at its core. As “everyone involved in [Insecurity‘s] creation are, to one degree or another, involved in the IT industry or some other nerd subculture”, the film aims to be as technically accurate as possible. Released under a CC BY-NC-ND licence, you can stream the film live or download it for free here. From Insecurity:

When offered four thousand dollars to break into a computer network, Leon (Peter Love) and Greg (Kurtis Wakefield) aren’t concerned with something as petty as morality.

The only real questions are what complications can arise from hacking into a small home business, what’s wrong with the twenty year old daughter Madison (Zoe Tarling)…

… and what should Greg do when his friend can’t stop watching the girl on her own webcam – and without her knowledge.

Posted 23 June 2008