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We’re a bit late jumping on this one but in case you missed it the first time (like us) be sure to check out FontStruct, a free font-building tool that allows you to build your own fonts online and subsequently generate them as a high-quality TrueType fonts. While this in itself provides hours of bizarrely satisfying enjoyment (read a nice Slate article on why), FontStruct is of particular note in that all fonts created are released under a CC license of the creator’s choosing.

Although creators can choose to keep their fonts private, most do not – by incorporating CC licences and a ethos of sharing, FontStruct has built a community of rabid users around a seemingly obscure hobby where ideas are exchanged fluidly and modifications achieved easily. It should also be noted that FontStruct have an exemplary clear explanation of what permissions different CC licences give and retain, a major plus for any site looking to incorporate CC-licensing into their UI.

UPDATE: The Open Font Library is a similar site that allows users to upload fonts to release under the CC Public Domain Declaration – also home of the famous silkscreen font.

Posted 23 June 2008