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Czech Republic


Creative Commons is working with Iuridicum remedium, the National Library in the Czech Republic, and the Union of Independent Authors to create Czech jurisdiction-specific licenses from the generic Creative Commons licenses.

CCi Czech List

Public Project Lead:  Lukáš Gruber, National Library of the Czech Republic

Legal Project Lead: Petr Jansa and Marek Tichy, Iuridicum Remedium

For close cooperation we would like to thank the Institute of Copyright, Industrial Property and Competition Law of the Faculty of Law of Charles University, especially JUDr. Irena Holcová

More About Iuridicum Remedium


Iuridicum remedium (IuRe) is a non-governmental non-profit organisation promoting human rights. It focuses on the broad infringements on individual rights as a result of legislative action, and also deals with specific cases of human rights violations. IuRe’s activities include current threats to human rights in the fields of Social Exclusion; Human Rights and Technologies; and Human Rights and Public Administration. IuRe is active in the areas of legislation and legal assistance, and disseminates information to both the professional community and the general public. Iuridicum Remedium is a member of EDRi, European Digital Rights network.

Iuridicum Remedium believes it’s the authors’ right to decide about the use of it’s own work, and the Creative Commons project falls under the scope of the Human Rights and Technologies Programme. Please see also

More About the National Library of the Czech Republic


The National Library of the Czech Republic works on Creative Commons within its Webarchive. Webarchive is a project which aims to archive the entire content of Czech internet. Webarchive is dedicated to porting the Creative Commons licenses in order to resolve legal issues in making the archived content available to public.

More About the Union of Independent Authors

The Union of Independent Authors is an member association supporting individual authors, publishers, festival and party organizers. It is interested in localizing and spreading Creative Commons in the Czech Republic as a tool for independent authors for distributing their work.

The project also has a support of the copyright department of the Ministry of Culture and Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, Charles University of Prague.

Posted 12 June 2008