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CC in The Art Newspaper


CC got a nice plug in a recent article in The Art Newspaper, highlighted in regards to the 36th Annual Conference on Legal Issues in Museum Administration that took place in early April:

Sharon Farb, associate university librarian at UCLA Library in Los Angeles, said that as museums put more images and content online, more users will ask to use it; she advises that museums not require licences for everything. Instead, they should make clear on their websites which content can be reproduced without permission, and should post all licence forms for those objects which require them. Virginia Rutledge, Vice President and General Counsel of the non-profit Creative Commons, San Francisco (CC), described the CC licence which piggybacks on existing copyright law to let copyright holders “signal when it is just fine” for a user to copy, or even alter, a work. The New Museum in New York, for example, uses CC licences to permit copying. The CC website posts six different licence forms to choose from, and tells you how to mark your content so users will know what copyright rules apply (

We are always looking to expand into diverse areas and having CC mentioned in a publication as widely read and as highly regarded as The Art Newspaper is amazing news for our efforts to engage with museums and the art world as a whole.

Similarly, Rebeca Tushnet has a thorough and thought provoking recap on her blog of the CC co-sponsored event “Who Owns This Image?: Art, Access, and the Public Domain after Bridgeman v. Corel” that took place at the end of April. The whole post is worth a read – it is great to CC being mentioned more and more in connection with mainstream cultural institutions.

Posted 06 June 2008