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ccLearn monthly update – 21 May 2008

Open Education

Work on tools and resources that we hope will help to enable engagement with open education continues here at ccLearn. We’re getting into the testing phase for the Universal Education Search project, and we are currently writing a first report on licensing policy diversity among open educational projects and web sites.

ccLearn attended the Berkman at 10 anniversary conference in Boston this month. Creative Commons was essentially birthed at the Berkman Center (Harvard University), so the ten year anniversary provides an interesting reference point for considering how things have changed in that time. It is safe to say that practically everything has changed, at least with respect to the relationship of society and the Internet. For many people, the Internet is no longer a special feature of computing; instead, it IS computing. As social networks, mobile computing, and digital media become ever more integrated into our daily lives, the question of what we want that landscape to look like becomes ever more important. Is this a landscape of blockades and digital hazards, dominated by litigation and enforcement of a code that was developed over many years of pre-digital societies? Or is this a landscape of open pathways and possibilities, predicated on the notion that openness and transparency drive diversity and opportunity. Obviously, we here at ccLearn opt for the latter option.

We hope that everyone who discovers ccLearn and the open education movement will help in spreading the ideas and practices that define our collective work. We continue to engage with all interested parties, spanning commercial and non-commercial efforts, pre-K through lifelong learners, and all manner of initiatives that strive to improve educational access and opportunity worldwide.

Our resources pages continue to grow, and hopefully questions and concerns you might have about the open education movement are addressed there. If you have a specific question or comment, or some suggestions for additional useful resources for our site, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Spring seems to be flying by!


Posted 21 May 2008