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Contest/Submission Reminders


There happen to be a couple awesome CC-oriented submission deadlines quickly approaching, and as such, a recap post seemed in order.

Entries for Monopoly Shuffle: A Remix Contest, which we discussed earlier here, are due May 1. That means you only have two days to create a piece of art that is built out of public domain and/or CC-licensed works and engages with the concepts of remixing, fair use, and the public domain. There are some great prizes to be had and submissions must be CC-licensed (preferably CC BY).

The deadline for submissions to the First Interdisciplinary Research Workshop on Free Culture CFP at iSummit’08 has been extended to May 3. As we noted earlier, this is a great opportunity for researchers who study the commons to interact and share ideas with their peers.

Finally, the deadline for the SELF Documentary Contest, in which participants are encouraged to produce a documentary about the creation of free knowledge and education in the digital era, is approaching on May 31. SELF, “an international project aiming to provide a platform for the collaborative sharing and creation of free educational and training materials on Free Software and Open Standards”, is holding the contest “to strengthen the SELF Platform, to centralise, transmit and enlarge the available knowledge on Free Software and Open Standards and to raise awareness and contribute to the building of critical mass for the use of Free Software and Open Standards.” Submissions must be released under a CC BY license or a Free Art license.

Posted 29 April 2008