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Nominations for the Mellon Award for Technology Collaboration


Many institutions that use CC licenses also build free and open source software to support content creation and publishing. The Mellon Award for Technology Collaboration is an excellent opportunity for such organizations to gain recognition and funding for these software activities.

The deadline for nominations for the 2008 Mellon Awards for Technology Collaboration (MATC Awards) is April 14, 2008. The MATC Awards consist of up to ten $50,000 or $100,000 prizes, which a receiving institution can use in a variety of ways to continue its technology leadership. The awards honor not-for-profit institutions that have demonstrated exemplary leadership in the development of open source software for one or more of the constituencies served by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation: the arts and humanities in higher education; research libraries, museums; performing arts organizations; and conservation biology.

You can nominate an institution and project starting here. The FAQ tells all. There are already some great projects nominated this year, including one CC uses extensively.

Via Tim Berners-Lee, who sits on the Award’s illustrious committee.

Posted 03 April 2008